Shadowscast – episode 3

This episode touches on four topics. We continue our look at Seoul as a setting, discuss gaming in public, review the excellent service from Noble Knight Games, and take a look at our initial impressions of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System.

Volume 1, Episode 3

8 Responses to “Shadowscast – episode 3”
  1. burnedfx says:

    In Jr. High we typically played whenever and wherever we got the chance. This meant we played at the tables near the pool during the summer, at the lunch tables between classes and, of course, after school on the grass.

    I don’t remember being distracted by the outdoors aspect, nor the people around us being a problem. Today might be a different story.

    Although I did have a neat idea where we could play our first X-plorers game. It would just be for the first session, since it’s about 45 minutes away.

    Tess looked at me like I was crazy, “Outside?”

    “Yeah. Our first sci-fi game at Vasquez Rocks would be awesome.”

  2. Kyrei says:

    Does your phone have a “fisheye” lens as the default?
    It’s either that or your chin is disproportionately large and I never noticed.

    • Runeslinger says:

      I had it padded with pulp, then gave it shape with a buckled swash. More importantly, I am being shot from a low angle.

      Thanks for noticing. Glad you took time away from ogling snow bunnies to drop by~

      • Kyrei says:

        There is that of course… Maybe you should hire a D.P. who is taller than the average hobbit.

        …just sayin’

        And by the way… “I am very shallow” For The Win.
        I can’t think of anything I would rather have on my headstone.. at least up until today.

  3. Kyrei says:

    haha you said “..very unique”

  4. Kyrei says:

    I really liked your story from N Seoul Tower. I hadn’t heard that before. That would have been quite a moving experience. Thanks for sharing that.

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