Alien Geometry?

The phrase ‘alien geometry’ conjures up a lot of bizarre images when given time and space in our fragile, human, thought continuities… even after we graduate from school. To some of us, standard geometry can get pretty alien. In Korea, particularly older parts of Seoul, even those with a firm grasp of angles and armed … Continue reading

Shadowscast – episode 3

This episode touches on four topics. We continue our look at Seoul as a setting, discuss gaming in public, review the excellent service from Noble Knight Games, and take a look at our initial impressions of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. Volume 1, Episode 3 Related articles Shadowscast – episode 1 from Casting Shadows ( Shadowscast … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 79 (CthulhuTech)

This week’s tiny little seed is for CthulhuTech, but could be adapted easily to any Mythos-based system or setting with little difficulty. Although little more than an extended scene of deep role-play, the ramifications of this one scene and how you guide its development, will reach from its inception through to the very end of … Continue reading

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