Shadowscast – episode 2

This Shadowscast was shot on location in Seoul earlier this week. My recurring guest, Kyrei once again submits himself to some difficult questions to share some core ideas and hopefully spark some conversation or perhaps debate…. and yes, that is a Technoir hoodie with the ‘Cast’ icon on the back. Kyrei is holding out for Hexnoir in a big way.

Volume 1, Episode 2


No reason to ever surface

The second installment of the Shadowscast video blog contains three segments, one shot in Seoul in a ‘quiet’ corner of another massive department store complex called Sinsegae, one shot in the post-noon drop in pedestrian traffic in the newly renovated Youngdeungpo Underground Shopping Center (which actually does go on for miles), and the final one shot in total darkness in my sanctum in the hills. Topics for the first episode are initial considerations for setting a game or session in Seoul, some thoughts on starting up a PBeM, and as promised the first quick look at some PDF readers for Android and their performance with some of my favorite RPG books.

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    4 Responses to “Shadowscast – episode 2”
    1. That is one heavy flow of people…

      • Runeslinger says:

        That was during the afternoon lull. You should see it at lunch time~

        • I would probably getting really demophobic. I’ve lived in big cities, but I’ve gotten used to a big city with a small town feel. 5 minutes on the bike and I’m in the country.

          • Runeslinger says:

            Getting out of this city on a bike is like a cross between Escape from New York, Death Race 2000, and Mad Max. That said, driving in Korea has some negatives too… 😉

            A lot of people I hire for short-term gigs tend to get weirded out by the crowds and noise at first, but long-termers all seem to miss it when its gone.

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