#RPGaDay2022 – Day 23: What 4?

Day 23 of #RPGaDay2022, otherwise known as August 23rd, brings us the What question for this week of character-focused prompts: What situation is the character currently in? For my responses, I have released a full-week look at the prompt from the GM perspective on the podcast, as well as a full-week look at the prompt from the player perspective on YouTube. Here on the blog, where we are attempting to write and post daily, I am going with a different character to maximize the variety. In yesterday’s Who 4? post, we met Il Han-Na Eintz, a force sensitive, Duros, gunslinger. Today, we will look at what sort of trouble he is currently in. Why is his situation trouble? He is in the rebel alliance. He is always in trouble.

There are real lessons to be learned in Star Wars.

When last we left our squad of rebels, we were on a mission to disrupt production of a prototype TIE which, if our intel was correct, would have the capacity to operate cloaked – the so-called TIE-Phantom. We had located the approximate position of the Imperial facility, and through contacts, we learned of a supply ship that probably serviced it. Those same contacts led us to the location of a Devaronian that had once served aboard that vessel, so after a cordial but insistent abduction, we got ship and crew details for the huge cargo vessel as well as information on its ports of call. What we did not learn was the location of the secret Imperial base. That meant we had to locate and board the ship to obtain its astronavigation data – hopefully in the form of a droid.

You can see the entire campaign so far by going to the Age of Rebellion playlist on my channel

You know what they say about the best-laid plans of hardworking, honest, kindly operatives of the Rebel Alliance who have quirky senses of humor. That’s right, our plans did not go…. according to plan. Rather than liberating the data, we ended up taking the whole ship and at the end of the most-recent session, are attempting to escape in an incredibly large and ponderously slow vessel.

How would you describe making a run for it in a Mobquet Medium Transport, with defensive cover provided by your even older and far more fragile YV-560 operating with a skeleton crew because most of the squad is short-handedly stealing the Transport…? Yes, however you would describe that, that is our current situation.

Tomorrow: When did you start playing this character?

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