#RPGaDay2022 – Day 22: Who 4?

This whole week of #RPGaDay2022 questions is about our characters. For those who are wrestling with the questions, perhaps because they see themselves as GMs only, I have placed a bonus episode of the podcast below as a link. It’s a special episode, especially for you. It may, I hope, help spark a route into the questions for you to be able to respond, too. If not, please remember that the questions are prompts and prompts are the starting point of inspiration, not the box with which to force it to conform.

Bonus Podcast Episode for Forever GMs.

Tell me about your character. No, really…!

Who is your current character?

I have several characters on the go, these days, with one or two more on the way in. On the YouTube version of this answer, WATCH HERE, I went with a Ubiquity character I have enjoyed in play-by-post gaming for a number of years. For this blog entry, I think I will go with a different one.

The character I will share here is, to put it both briefly and confusingly, a rebel in a fantastical far-future yesterday. In the Age of Rebellion RPG, set after the desperate Battle of Yavin, but before the Empire had an opportunity to really strike back, the rebellion picked up the services of a smuggler with an eye for spacecraft that others have long ago abandoned. Made homeless by the grinding outward expansion of the Empire, he had been finding the means to earn subsistence through a very conscientious resistance. Now a fresh recruit in the rebel alliance, this son of Duros has been forged into a dangerous and daring two-gun fighter serving with a small squad of equally violent and selfless individuals looking to find ways to cripple the Empire.

That unblinking and dispassionate gaze~

Called Il Han-Na Eintz, or IL by his friends, this young member of the ancient duros people was raised on the space lanes, and even if he is not so well versed in galactic navigation as to always know where he is at any given moment, he can usually find a way to get somewhere safer – with all guns blazing. Possessed of a dry sense of humor, an unsettling smile, and a capacity for mayhem, he has recently begun honing his awareness of the ebb and flow of the Force. He isn’t sure that he wants to serve it, but he is not yet ready to stop listening to it whisper to him about the future.

Il is Sir-not-Appearing in the first mission, but appears with a vengeance in the second~

Tomorrow: What situation are they currently in?

Speak your piece~

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