#RPGaDay2022 – Day 24: When 4?

If we restrict ourselves to dates on the calendar and have no means to identify the correct ones, today’s question for #RPGaDay2022 can be difficult, if not impossible, to be specific about. Fortunately, one area in which our hobby is well-adapted is to the creative and effective use of ambiguity and abstraction. Today’s question is about when you started playing the character you have been describing.

Do you know today’s date? I hope so…

We began play for our Age of Rebellion campaign on January 2, 2021. I was unable to make that session, and so joined in the next one, which took place one week later, on January 9th. Our gaming group, which we refer to as the Saturday Alternators, was still in its infancy then, and we were playing a variety of games for short runs, such as this fantasy series highlighting Mythras.

We were not looking to start any lasting campaigns. Age of Rebellion, has been one of the exceptions. Every time we discuss “the list” of pending games, we all make sure to include it.

In my first session, I was placed with a new unit, fresh from a previous success, and we were ordered to Jeddah to make contact with a local cell to offer our assistance in disrupting the Empire’s processing of Khyber crystals. Before we could do that, though, we needed to slip past or break through an imperial blockade…

Tomorrow: Where has the character been?

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