Mechwarrior: Hair of the Dog ~ part 1

I am not sure what to think about automatically connecting the phrase, It is a time of war, with the Battletech Universe, but I do. As my project to prepare a campaign with a balanced mix of roleplaying and wargaming progresses, I was not unhappy to discover that what amounts to the 4th Edition of … Continue reading

Palladium Fantasy: a pleasant return ~ part 3

And in the fury of this darkest hour We will be the light You’ve asked me for my sacrifice And I am Winter born -Cruxshadows, Winterborn Unlike most of my games, the initial set-up of this campaign was built around a strong, pre-envisioned arc, while character creation was a mix of random trait generation and … Continue reading

Palladium Fantasy: a pleasant return, pt 2

In this installment, we will look at some of the basic underpinnings of my Palladium Campaign, The Houses of Winter, and its two primary stories Winter Blooms, and Long Winter Shadows. The Houses of Winter is the overall campaign. Winter Blooms concerns itself with the quest by the three ostensible heroes, Grath, Marlin Tyrell, and … Continue reading

Palladium Fantasy: a pleasant return, pt 1

The bulk of my RPG collection is in storage… on the other side of the Earth. Were it not for the not insignificant issues of weight and shipping costs, I would have had it all (or most of it at any rate) sent to me here, long ago. In order to sate a desire most … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt.4

In previous installments of this report, I have mentioned that I prepared short fiction to illustrate certain setting elements, such as the environment, characters or character types, social interactions, and mood. In this installment, I shall present some of those and look at how they were constructed and why they were constructed that way. In … Continue reading

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