Cycle Breaker

“All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to do nothing” –Common Sense The cycle of life is one of endless opportunity. Trials will be visited upon each of us again and again until someone intervenes, causing a new cycle to begin. The evil man flows with the cycle, and profits … Continue reading

Palladium Fantasy: My turn behind the dice ~ The Mercenary

The Mercenary: Throughout most of my time as a player, I have eschewed playing non-humans as a character. While I did have a few half-elves in the very early days, I quickly felt a sort of dissatisfaction with this as, for the most part, it was more being human-in-a-rubber-suit than representing a different species and … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt.4

In previous installments of this report, I have mentioned that I prepared short fiction to illustrate certain setting elements, such as the environment, characters or character types, social interactions, and mood. In this installment, I shall present some of those and look at how they were constructed and why they were constructed that way. In … Continue reading

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