Saturday Seed ~ 176 (Star Wars)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for your favorite flavour of Star Wars RPG. I touched on the primary idea behind it just before WEG’s 2nd edition of the D6 Star Wars roleplaying game was our only hope, but am revisiting it here as a result of perusing Edge of the Empire. (With very little … Continue reading

Enforcing Genre Fidelity Mechanically

For the sake of sanity and brevity, I do not want to get into the distinctions between being true to a genre to varying degrees, and caricaturing a genre. If you see me doing that, please stop me. I would like to remain briefly sane… wait. Nevermind. “I am gonna send you to a deep, … Continue reading

Buddha was not a roleplayer

I think attachment is of vital importance in helping a campaign generate the kind of self-sustaining momentum which can lift it from a mere activity to something special. Attachment, a subset of feelings and reactions in the larger concept of Investment is something which occurs to a large degree on the players’ side of the … Continue reading

15 Enduring and Impressive Games in 15 minutes

I have been seeing this idea to blog about 15 games which left a lasting impression, listed out in less than 15 minutes on many of my frequently read blogs. I usually don’t ride along with these sorts of thematic bandwagons, but this one – and the arc of similarities and differences from blog to … Continue reading

RPG DNA – Memories and Inspirations

When I started this blog a little while ago, it seemed natural to me to include a blurb about how my perspective on gaming was formed and what my rpg roots are. As I hunted around for other blogs to fill out my blogroll and links list, I discovered to my pleasant surprise that this … Continue reading

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