Navigating the Empire, part 2 ~ Space Combat

This is the second in a new series of posts about the specific mechanics of the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. For those who prefer to watch or listen to YouTube videos instead of reading, you can find a similar post on my Channel. There is an overview of the mechanics and approaches to … Continue reading

Navigating the Empire, part 1 ~ The Force

This is the first post in a new series of posts about the specific mechanics of the Star Wars RPG from Fantasy Flight Games. It is in an unusual format, however, as its content will be video not text. After a flurry of activity for RPGaDay 2015, I have been pressed for time to post … Continue reading

Deeper Impressions from the Edge of the Empire

This series was originally envisioned as being of technical discussions and recaps for our Edge of the Empire campaign, but that latter aspect ended up being shunted to the YouTube channel. Now that the campaign is in its 8th month, the idea of trying to catch up on written recaps is a preposterous one, and … Continue reading

Supporting BrigadeCon

The Casting Shadows blog and YouTube Channel will be taking part as supporters of the inaugural BrigadeCon on November 15, 2014. This virtual con, taking place in Google+ Hangouts and featuring events hosted and attended by gamers all over the world, will run for 24 hours. Its purpose is to share a love for tabletop … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 190 (Star Wars)

This is a seed for whatever version of a Star Wars roleplaying game you might play, with a strong bias toward those who hold little to no sympathy for the Galactic Empire. The seed This seed focuses on criminal interplay in the shadows of the Outer Rim. While not necessarily requiring the characters to be … Continue reading

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