Iconic Heroes ~ Part 4

Now that a theme has been chosen, and some of the character design issues have been worked out, I think it is time to consider possible settings. My last few modern games have been set in stylized versions of real cities in various parts of the world (Chicago, San Francisco, and London) or in similar … Continue reading

Iconic Heroes ~ part 3

A friend of mine asked me why I was choosing to use Icons for the mechanics of this story, seeing as how I didn’t really like aspects of it and consider it ‘not my thing.’ I gave him a long-winded response that boils down to, “I feel that I should give this lineage of games … Continue reading

Iconic Heroes – part 2

As all the players I can reasonably expect to enter the game, should the campaign survive the design phase, have seen Heroes, I suspect that I will dispense with origin stories. Such things can be set firmly in the hands of the players to relate. I think the focal point should rest on the development … Continue reading

Iconic Heroes – part 1

I recently watched the first season of Heroes again. While I was watching, I took notes about things which I really liked when the show was new, and before it wandered off in directions I found to be less-satisfying as a viewer. I appreciate the sense of wonder and confusion which permeates the early episodes, … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 12 (Aberrant)

This seed has been planted for Aberrant, but has the potential to grow in the soil of pretty much any supers story. If you roll your dice right – it can grow into a super story. Thank you. I will be here all week. The Seed: It would be nice if everyone gifted with abilities … Continue reading

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