Saturday Seed ~ 92 (Rapture)

This week’s seed is for Rapture, and is intended to support a session focused on the fear of the unknown in one’s fellows while in claustrophobic and perilous conditions.

The seed

The PCs learn of a curious occult find in the lower reaches of a terraforming complex on the South polar cap of a desolate world.

Planting the seed

This is appropriate for an introductory game where you wish to emphasize the horrific elements of the setting, but are not ready to commit to something definite going bump in the planet’s long night.

The Details

Either directly or via rumour, the characters learn that in a disused section far below surface level, where conditions are perilous in their own right, something which even to uneducated eyes bears satanic and grimly threatening malice has been begun. Sigils in what can only be blood, writings in vile and incomprehensible script, and the rotting remains of sacrifices – perhaps human – present mute but compelling testimony to the idea that even in light of what is now known about the fate of Earth, some are willing to seek depravity beyond that already allotted them by a universe seemingly empty of God’s mercy.

Paint the scene in ambiguity, suggestion, and the sort of darkness in which things love to lurk, and any corner is an excuse for death to loiter, waiting for a person’s juiciest bits.

What’s Going On

It’s entirely up to you if there is anything authentic and effective about this ritual paraphernalia. Regardless, the pervading fear that it is real, that it may not be a work in progress but merely a remainder of a foul work already complete, the growing suspicion of anyone and everyone locked into this isolated and sealed facility, and the sickening awareness that there is no escape.

Space is too large a place, and the universe too vast for the sense of dread evoked by Hell’s Hordes set free to prey on the descendents of the diaspora to have its full effect on all players. Deny them space. Seal them in concrete and steel, shield them from the coldness of a hostile atmosphere, bury them in the echoes, industrial fans, and faceless masses, unworthy of trust.

Depending on your group, the seed can grow from the desire to investigate the circle itself, the drive to root out those responsible for it, or perhaps even the primal instinct to find a deeper darkness in which to hide.


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