Saturday Seed 126 (Brass & Steel)

With October upon us, and dreams of Halloween One-Shots in the air, the Seeds for this month will focus on horror, but we will try to make them our normal style of slightly unusual. This week’s seed is for Brass & Steel and provides the characters with a brush with death. The seed This seed is … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 95 (Brass & Steel)

This week’s seed is for the quietly great game world envisioned for Brass & Steel. It is suitable for an established group, or experienced characters that are lacking sufficient reason to work together. The Seed A former designer of arms and equipment for the government, now in supposed retirement on psychological grounds, may be up … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 73 (All for One)

This week’s seed is for All for One, and is something to spring on your group of adventurous musketeers while they are out of Paris and passing along the coast on the King’s business. The Seed With the dawn, a mysterious ship is discovered to be at anchor far out in the harbor of whichever … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 72 (Brass & Steel)

In terms of televised entertainment I am a season behind those of you on the side of the Earth I consider to be normal, so I am just now running across the proliferation of steampunk references being used to spice up otherwise mundane programming. In belated deference to the accomplishment of getting the eyes of … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 67 (Brass&Steel)

This week’s seed is for Brass & Steel. Unlike the vast majority of the seeds I post, I have not had the chance to use this seed in actual practice, so it is not a tried and true idea stripped of its specific details and presented as a framework, it is just a framework of … Continue reading

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