Serial Setting I: Ubiquity ~ Week 1

Overview:   -27.11, 134.08 The chain of islands known to their current residents as the Windlet Islands, or more lovingly as ‘these accursed rocks’ has no known native name, nor any known history of permanent habitation prior to the establishment of the small community of Windlet about two decades ago. Rumors persist of an earlier settlement … Continue reading

About Serial Setting 1 – Ubiquity

For 1 year, between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011, I will be detailing a setting for a ‘pulp adventure’ setting suitable for Hollow Earth Expedition, Daring Tales, and the like, using the Ubiquity rules. The time period will be a loose ‘end of the 30’s’ for easier customization and use by other groups, … Continue reading

Saturday Seed – 26 (All for One)

This week’s seed is for All for One… mostly because I cannot get the game out of my head, despite all the wild Battletech action going on in my campaign. This idea is perhaps best for a small group or perhaps even a solo story thread. I feel it is most appropriate for an inexperienced … Continue reading

Mechwarrior: Running ‘A Time of War’ Pt.2

As has been mentioned several times in several posts over the last several weeks, I have been running the new Mechwarrior RPG as a play by e–mail game. When I decided to undertake this project, my technical goal was to try to find a way to generate a feeling of anticipation and excitement comparable to … Continue reading

Unusual Suspects

Next stop: Grave Wisdom~

Rick sold the Cafe and the real adventure began. Sometimes, a person just has to stay up late, turn out the lights, and wrap themselves in the flickering light show of accidental greatness. Rick (often): I stick my neck out for nobody. With stacks of games about me, my dog asleep at my side on … Continue reading

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