Serial Setting I: Ubiquity ~ Week 1

Overview:   -27.11, 134.08

Moorea Island posing as Greater Windlet Island

The chain of islands known to their current residents as the Windlet Islands, or more lovingly as ‘these accursed rocks’ has no known native name, nor any known history of permanent habitation prior to the establishment of the small community of Windlet about two decades ago.

Rumors persist of an earlier settlement dating, but no one has been able to demonstrate when it was, nor what happened to it. The Administrator merely smiles at such talk and redirects conversation to things more easily demonstrated… such as the bounty of the waters.

It is hard to argue with that logic.

Stand-in for Lysette Isle

The two main islands, Greater Windlet Island and Lysette Isle (presumed to have been formerly known as Lesser Windlet Island) are blessed by both sun and surf, are covered in lush vegetation, and do not see much in the way of visitors that are not somehow a part of the Administrator’s business concerns, or victims of the mighty Pacific. Most of the islands inhabitants prefer it that way, although some bemoan the islands’ pernicious lack of popular culture and the ‘finer things in life.’

Others simply gaze into the jungle and smile knowingly. ‘What more could one ask?’ their smiles seem to say…   With the warm sun, gentle breezes, and the soft lapping of the clear waters on the white sand beaches echoing their sentiments, who can argue?

The lesser islands, with little in the way of a permanent population, but great importance to the ongoing independence and self-sufficiency of the communities on Greater Windlet and Lysette Isle, play an important role in daily life for most residents. There are many of these small islands, but the most significant of these are the spilt island of Hansel and Gretel, and the islet called Bountiful.

1. Pier, Windlet Settlement, Greater Windlet Island

The pier has berths for several moderately sized boats and seaplanes, but larger ocean vessels must remain outside the reef. A contingent of small boats or a pair of tugs ferry cargo to and from the island and larger cargo ships. All of the community’s regular imports and exports pass through here, meaning during specific seasons it is practically idle, and at others it is bustling with incredible activity.

According to a brass plaque on a small stone marker above the tide line, the pier was constructed by the initial members of the Windlet Settlement. It was later expanded to accommodate larger vessels by donations of time and labor by one of the larger divisions of Gast Procurement Company, Windlet Natural Resources, at the behest of the company’s Administrator.

The local customs office, such as it is, is located here, as are most of the offices for charter vessels and guides.

There is talk about building a new pier for the exclusive use of island fishermen, but long-term residents believe the two usable harbors cannot support another, nor do they want to expand the settlement beyond its current borders.

Usual Characters: “CB” Bonchance

The operations of the pier are overseen by a former American sea-captain, now a drunkard in both profession and nationality, by the name of C.B. Bonchance. The C stands for Cooper, and the B is a mystery even to Bonchance himself. Locals simply call him CB, and that is good enough. Despite a serious drinking problem, CB somehow manages to function during loading and offloading periods, and to keep the schedules straight for his crew of 12 loaders, 2 maintenance assistants, and the ship captains who are in port and looking for work.

CB is well past his 50th year, but regular stein lifts at the Tart Banana, and his long forays into the interior of the island, thought impassable to many residents, keep him tanned, fit, and able.


Potentially heard over time at the The Tart Banana or at the Island Mission Church of God

  • People believe CB has a long-term relationship with one of the island girls who keeps him from sinking too deep into the perils of drink
  • People believe CB has a relationship with a predatory island girl who plies him with liquor, works him to the bone, and takes all of his money
  • CB is thought to be on the run from some legal entanglement in his home nation (USA)
  • No one has seen CB sober
  • CB once won a shooting contest against 2 German seamen while scarcely able to stand (drunk)
  • CB never saw an inside straight he didn’t like
  • CB is afraid of water, and despite decades aboard ships of every description cannot swim a lick
  • CB is the shrewdest businessman on the island


Stay tuned!


Coming Soon!

Usual Characters: Reynard Gaston Louis Andre LeBeau

The customs office is lorded over more or less effectually by French expat and lover of his own mystery, Reynard Gaston Louis Andre LeBeau. Pompous, but not unkind, officious, but not above compassion, and always fond of delicate ankle or a fine wine, Monsieur LeBeau, semi-kindly known as Reynard  to the locals is the epitome of the eccentric, self-important, but oddly likable small-town official.

Reynard is in his forties, and has a lean and hungry look… particularly around the ladies. He is knowledgeable about fine food, fine wine, ‘good’ music, the cinema, and pretty much any cultural pursuit not found on the island. He likes to fish and practice target shooting, and has been known to play the vulgar game of poker for stretches exceeding 72 hours at a time.


Potentially heard over time at The Idol or by specific questions to residents… although he will learn that these questions were asked.

  • People believe Reynard was once a pimp in Paris
  • People believe Reynard has money beyond anyone’s wildest imaginings
  • Reynard is believed to be a fugitive from France, and cannot go home
  • No one has seen Reynard drunk
  • Reynard does not like to sweat or exert himself in heavy labor because of his wound
  • No one knows exactly what wound hampers Reynard, nor can attest to any sign of its effects
  • Reynard despises Germans, and will not even attempt civility
  • Many believe Reynard killed a German seaman in a duel behind the Idol, but no one is sure


Stay tuned!


Don’t touch that dial!

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