Saturday Seed~ .22 (Pulp Adventure)

Thursby’s Coat: Hiding your Spades and Archers This week’s Seed is for any pulp, or possibly noir game. The premise is quite simple. PIs all over the city are meeting sticky ends, showing up cold in alleys, driving off piers and bridges, and getting shot in the back through frosted glass. It’s all in a … Continue reading

Icons: Waters of Casablanca

My proposed Icons Campaign, Waters of Casablanca, (otherwise known as ‘I was misinformed’) has gotten the short shrift these past few weeks as planning moves into high gear for the Mechwarrior Campaign, and as my deep interest in the Ubiquity system in general, and All for One: Regime Diabolique grows into a dangerous obsession. We … Continue reading

Present and Accounted for~

A dear friend, now departed, always used to swear by choosing your players very, very carefully. This morning, as I read this post at Geek Related and again a little while later as it was followed up with this post, I could not help but be reminded of those words. The entries today by mxyzplk … Continue reading

Mechwarrior: Hair of the Dog ~ Part 3

Hair of the Dog Things are progressing smoothly with preparations for my Mechwarrior RPG campaign despite an upswing in business and my enthusiasm for so many games at once (All for One, Mechwarrior, Hollow Earth Expedition, Palladium Fantasy, and now Desolation). Catching Up It has been difficult to ride the crest of the massive information … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ Halloween

This special Holiday Edition Saturday Seed is for Palladium Fantasy. I think horror games get over-used as one-shots or get abused with added gore during this special time of year, and I prefer to think of things to do with other games for Halloween gaming. This entry will be written with a small group of … Continue reading

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