Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt.4

In previous installments of this report, I have mentioned that I prepared short fiction to illustrate certain setting elements, such as the environment, characters or character types, social interactions, and mood. In this installment, I shall present some of those and look at how they were constructed and why they were constructed that way. In … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt.3

Before the story began, each player had played in a Trinity game before (set aboard the Horus, a prototype for the Leviathan jumpships which I had devised to use as an introduction for a much larger group to the setting), and had read through the color-section of the core rules, in addition to a set of short … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game ~ Part 2

In this installment, I’d like to go over how the characters were developed, and how they in turn were used to further develop the setting and themes of the Series. A little bit of time will be spent on how those design choices were used to prepare outlines for potential plots and appropriate scenarios to explore. … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game ~ Part 1

My current game is being run for two players I have known for years and have gamed with in many different games and settings as both GM and player. We recently felt the urge to play in a science fiction setting, and after some discussion, chose Trinity over some of our other choices – namely Prime Directive, Blue … Continue reading

What’s the point?

There is no question that building a setting, or preparing to run stories in a setting is a lot of work. If you are going to go through all of that work, should it not have a point? Games should have a theme, or at least some form of underlying purpose other than being a … Continue reading

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