Supporting BrigadeCon

The Casting Shadows blog and YouTube Channel will be taking part as supporters of the inaugural BrigadeCon on November 15, 2014. This virtual con, taking place in Google+ Hangouts and featuring events hosted and attended by gamers all over the world, will run for 24 hours. Its purpose is to share a love for tabletop roleplaying games while raising money for the Child’s Play Charity. Child’s Play collects donations which are used to place games in the hands of children recovering in hospitals. Participation in the convention is free. We do hope that those who enjoy and interact with BrigadeCon events will donate to Child’s Play, and have made several avenues available for participants to do that. Prior to the con, you can get a head start on both supporting the charity and reaching more gamers by getting a shirt through Booster:

Purchase a BrigadeCon for Child’s Play T-Shirt (All Proceeds for Child’s Play)




Events being offered by BrigadeCon:

  • Live Games
  • Topic Discussion Panels
  • Live Interviews

Registration for these events, as a host, participant, or viewer is underway now. Check the schedule and block the time off on your calendar.


My live events

I will be running one live game during BrigadeCon, The Pork-Chop Express and the Convoy of Liberty. The game, powered by Ubiquity and Shaken Pillars of Heaven, will see 4 players seek out the missing owner of an abandoned Freightliner (Abandoned like Hell!) in a place as strange as San Francisco, Chinatown. It will start small, then probably explode in a ball of green flame…. Green Flame!

I will be conducting a live interview with audience participation with Lawrence Whitaker of the Design Mechanism, publishers of RuneQuest 6 and all the incredible support material that is now appearing for this roundly-lauded edition of the system.


Additional Content for BrigadeCon:

  • Critical Hits Publishing: Locations, Encounters, and Hooks     –    Free PDF available now!
  • Casting Shadows Blog: Interview with Paul ‘Wiggy’ Wade-Williams, one of the great RPG authors of our age, co-founder of Triple Ace Games
  • Casting Shadows Channel: Interview with Jeff Combos, founder of Exile Games, creator of Hollow Earth Expedition’s Ubiquity System
  • Casting Shadows Channel: Demonstration Game of Fantasy Flight Games’ Star Wars RPG, using Age of Rebellion
  • Raffles for RPG Prizes
  • Digital Swag Bag for early registration


Got Questions?

If you have questions about BrigadeCon, or interview questions for any of my three guests that you would like me to ask, please do not hesitate to contact me in the comments below.


See you at BrigadeCon~


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