SLA Industries: Session Zero

Even though I am playing with an established group, whenever we change games I still have a first session where we do not play the game as our characters, we get to know the game as players. We already know each other, have gamed with each other, and are friends, so we know what to … Continue reading

SLA Industries?

After a very long time, SLA Industries has made a return to my table – and an actual (not virtual) table at that. The last time I ran the game was in 1994 or ’95, and we did not play the game for long or very deeply. I have wanted to get back to it … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 37 (SLA Industries)

This week’s Saturday Seed is being planted for SLA Industries. Since reading a notice on Buccaneer’s Guild, thoughts of the game have been intruding on my consciousness. To exorcise them… this seed is being chucked into Mort’s rain-choked gutters to sprout dark tendrils of opportunity for whomever, or whatever might be out there, still playing … Continue reading

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