#RPGaDay Day 17: A Touch of Fiction

Today’s #RPGaDay Question: What fictional character would best fit your group, and why? Like yesterday, my written entry for today just seems to be lacking something, so I will simply direct you to the video below. It too is short. Epic in its shortness, actually. An Undiscovered Country of brevity~ #RPGaDay There will be an actual blog post … Continue reading

#RPGaDay Day 14: Dream Team

Today’s #RPGaDay Question: Who would be on your dream team of people you used to game with? Of all the people you have gamed with in the past, who would you like to bring together to play as a group? Some may take this as a divisive question, and I wish that there were something … Continue reading

#RPGaDay Day 6: Gamers for Community

I am having a lot of trouble with this one. It’s a problem because I have no specifics, other than for Brigadecon. My own acts of community service are tied to groups other than the RPG groups I am a part of. While there are gamers present, the identity of those groups is something else, such … Continue reading

#RPGaDay – On dice

Today’s Question: August 1: Dice, dice apps, or diceless, how do you roll? At this point, I cannot dissemble about the fact that I like dice. I may even like them beyond their role in the games I play. I have and use dice apps. I have and have enjoyed diceless games, but it is … Continue reading

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