#RPGaDay Day 6: Gamers for Community

I am having a lot of trouble with this one. It’s a problem because I have no specifics, other than for Brigadecon. My own acts of community service are tied to groups other than the RPG groups I am a part of. While there are gamers present, the identity of those groups is something else, such as professional groups or groups tied to my musical interests. While I do a lot of reading online now about the interests and activities of my fellow gamers, I am finding signs of charitable activity by gamers, but no specific tales of Group X doing Amazing Thing Y on Date Z to effect N.

The other personal shortcoming I have for this question is the aspect of community. I am unlikely to hear about things occurring on a local level, and while the global community is getting tighter thanks to hangouts and VTT-based play, it doesn’t carry the same vibe as a group of people raising money for a local hospital through some gaming-related activity.

In the video linked below, I describe a few charitable groups I appreciate that operate on a broader level than I feel resonates with the word community, but are, in the end, the ones that came to mind as answers to this question.

So…help me out! Let me know of the awesome things people are doing for other people~


Tomorrow’s Question:

What aspect of RPGs had the biggest effect on you?

Speak your piece~

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