Saturday Seed – 12 (Aberrant)

This seed has been planted for Aberrant, but has the potential to grow in the soil of pretty much any supers story. If you roll your dice right – it can grow into a super story. Thank you. I will be here all week.

The Seed:

It would be nice if everyone gifted with abilities befitting a superhero were actually heroic, but as is readily apparent from the massive rogues galleries for each supers setting in comics and games, heroes are usually outnumbered. This story seed is not about villainy though, but apathy – or at least self-interest.

Character Seed (kernel intended for modification to fit your Series)

Name:  Nigel Bruhm       Concept: Paparazzi          Eruption: Fear-Induced

Nature:  Bloodhound     Allegiance: Self

WILLPOWER: 6   QUANTUM: 5     Quantum Pool (30)          Initiative:  10

TAINT: 7                ABERRATIONS:  Hairless, Androgynous, Huge Eyes

Attributes and Abilities



Athletics: 3

Drive: 1

Stealth:  4



MEGA   Per: 1    Ultra-peripheral Perception    Hyper-enhanced Hearing

Awareness: 3

Investigation: 3


Bureaucracy:   2

Computer:  1

Intrusion:  5

Linguistics:  1

WITS :  4

Biz:   3

Rapport:  3


Subterfuge         4


Etiquette: 1


Quantum Powers

Invisibility: 2

ESP: 1

Flight: 1

Pretercognition: 1


Cipher:   1

Backing: 3

Contacts: 3

Resources: 1

In a world with beings of great power and flamboyant costumes, the appetite for details in the average citizen grows by leaps and bounds of the over tall buildings variety.  In a setting like Aberrant with its premise of normal people suddenly discovering they could do unimaginable things, but still having to pay taxes, and earn livings the price of altruistic do-gooding is often too high to pay, leaving endorsements, bad TV, and selling ‘personal services’ as the only option for survival in a cold, cold world.

This seed takes a look at what might happen if a Nova were to choose working for a tabloid news agency, following the media-darling Novas-of-the-hour anywhere and everywhere they go, recording anything and everything they do. The character skeleton presented above is essentially a base model which you can use as is, letting him grow in your setting along with new PCs, or modify to match the requirements of an existing series.

Planting the Seed:

To introduce a character like Nigel Bruhm into a Series, I would start with having characters notice an increase in the detail available to media outlets like N! and have this increase in privacy invasion slowly escalate over time. The stories would appear inconsistently, and be attributed to undisclosed sources, or receive no attribution at all. Those with media experience or knowledge might be able to discern – if they care – that a freelancer with unprecedented surveillance skills has entered the market.

I would then have one outlet become known for their scoops, and have the level of privacy invasion drop at the other networks. The freelancer has gotten a contract.

The next thing I would do is let this drop into the background of the setting, occasionally having expose pieces on movers and shakers in the game world get this microscopic inspection. As the characters grow in ability, notoriety, and popularity, however, it will only be a matter of time before someone sends Bruhm or someone like him, to get all the news that is fit and unfit to print about the heroes~

The Point:

The point is simple: What will the players choose to have their characters do? Their privacy has been invaded by an unseen stalker. They have the powers of gods.  Do they have god-like restraint?

Speak your piece~

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