Day 1: #RPGaDay 2018 – “Love”


Week One: WHAT?      Prompt: What do you love about RPGs? This question is simultaneously easy and hard to answer, which is I suppose, fitting given the subject of roleplaying games. The first thing that comes to mind upon seeing the prompt, of course, is that there are many, many things that I appreciate … Continue reading

Portuguese Translation – #RPGaDay 2018

Today we were very pleased to receive a message from Douglas Santana Mota and Jefferson Pimentel with their translation of the #RPGaDay 2018 prompts into Portuguese. This brings our list of translations up to four languages for 2018, and we are very pleased to see this sort of ongoing interest in the event and the … Continue reading

German Translation – #RPGaDay 2018

Also quick to volunteer, even before the call for translators for #RPGaDay 2018 went out, we have the kind and conscientious Michael Jaegers. This brings our list of translations up to three languages for 2018.   #RPGaDay 2018 – German Was magst Du an Rollenspielen? Was ist das erste, wonach Du in einem Rollenspiel schaust? Was … Continue reading

Spanish Translation – #RPGaDay 2018

Thanks go out to Roberto Micheri (Sunglar!) for once again providing this translation of the #RPGaDay prompts into Spanish! Are you able to translate the #RPGaDay 2018 prompts into another language? Let us know at the Facebook page.   Spanish / Español ¿Qué te encanta de los juegos de rol? ¿Qué es lo primero que buscas … Continue reading

Mythos Mythras: Tone and Tenor

There is a sense among gamers that for games played with Lovecraft and Company’s Cthulhu Mythos as the setting, that insanity, death, or both are a foregone conclusion. Play to Find Out takes on a slightly limited meaning, ‘play to find out how you meet your end.’ I think it is helpful to take a … Continue reading

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