Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 6a

Turn 6 of the second Battletech Lunchtime Challenge opens as one of the very few in this endeavour with the attacking lance having initiative. While I was sure it would not last, the initiative result for Turn 7 also requires the Defender to move first. Will wonders never cease?

The Atlas with annoyingly crafty wisdom took to the trees and placed its damaged and fairly vulnerable rear armour to a stand of Heavy Woods, forcing the Jenner to balance the desire for low target numbers and those rearward targets in particular, with the need to come down off the heat scale.

Already running hot enough in the Jenner to be suffering a movement point reduction, I decided to jump into that annoying stand of Heavy Woods and fire two Mediums. The Hermes trundled up and unloaded with its full complement of (surviving) weapons. Did the curse of Scott Wood descend? Watch and see~


In the next clip, we will complete Turn 6 with the declaration and resolution aspects of the Atlas’ firing phase, and move into Turn 7 with the declaration of Movement for the Atlas.

The Atlas is within reach of its objective for this scenario, but the condition of its rear armour and the ability of its foes to strike from the rear are perhaps better than at any time since the first round. In Turn 8 reinforcements arrive. Whose will they be? Will it be too late to turn the tide?

Turn 6A 

Stay tuned!
3 Responses to “Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 6a”
  1. GIllberto Mussolini says:

    In every strategy and tactic, my primary goal is to annoy. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED.

    For fire, I shall declare a torso twist to the right and fire a medium laser at the Jenner. Huzzah.

    For movement, I’ll declare a Run: One hex rotation to the left, three dead ahead and one to the right. Such is my hubris.

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