Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 6b/7a

Turn 6 ended with a timely and crippling attack on the Jenner by the Atlas, leaving both mechs shaken, but neither mech toppled.

Turn 7 opens with a rush for freedom by the Atlas and what amounts to a last-ditch effort by the Attackers to bring the assault mech down before it can cross enemy lines. Have they succeeded?  We will soon know!  Their combined fire this turn is more than enough to require a piloting roll to remain standing, so this game is not over yet.

In order for the scenario to end, all the Atlas has to do is be standing with sufficient MP to walk off the map – if it falls, its ability to do so will be seriously drawn into question.

In the next clip we will resolve the return fire from the Atlas, its piloting check, and initiative for Turn 8. We will also witness the entrance of the oft-mentioned reinforcements from a randomly determined sector of the map. Will it be enough to turn defeat into victory, or will it further cement a victory already won?

Re-Scene Mechs

Turn 6b/7a – The Re-Scene…

The Un-Scene

In the purely erroneous, Un-Scene Version of Turn 6 of the second Battletech Lunchtime Challenge action ended with no return fire from the Atlas, sparing the light mechs a taste of the devastation they have been trying to dish out.  This meant we jumped directly to the end of the Movement Phase of Turn 7 where the Atlas made a run for the exit lane and total, undisputed victory in this scenario.

Please don't go...

As in the Re-Scene version, the tension of the Turn comes from trying to fathom if the Atlas will be able to survive the firing phase and physical attack phase of Turn 7 and be standing with a single MP available to leave the board during the Movement Phase of Turn 8. If it can this scenario will be over, and victory will belong to the Defender.

Interestingly, the controller of the Atlas described his Movement as an act of hubris – and was mistakenly interpreted as leaving his damaged rear armour completely exposed to attack for the first time since Turn 1. This decision once again lured the light mechs to push themselves to take advantage of the opportunity. To have done this as the controller of the Atlas would have meant that if the Attackers had overcome the Atlas, victory would not have been won by them, but lost by the Defender. Hubris indeed~

The Jenner, despite already being 5 on the Heat Scale, chose to unload with everything at Short Range. The Hermes also unloaded with everything it had left, at Medium Range.

What happened? Watch and see~

As this Turn offically never happened, no more will come of it….  but it was a fun few minutes~

Un-Scene Turn  

Stay tuned!
9 Responses to “Battletech Lunchtime Challenge 2 -Turn 6b/7a”
  1. Runeslinger says:


    Don’t worry, as soon as I posted the clip the fog lifted and I realized you had declared fire for Turn 6, not Turn 7. I’ll start with that, and any needed reductions/alterations in results in the next clip.

    *sigh* There is always something!

  2. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    Sadly, I bring more bad news. My movement declaration was…

    One hex rotation to the left, three dead ahead and one to the right

    …and you did a rotation to the Left as the final move. I did not wish to expose the Atlas’ rear facing arc.

    I am willing to allow you to keep your fantastic firing phase, and with the Atlas falling due to massive damage(this would have occurred regardless of facing), but the internal damage and engine/gyro hits are pretty significant. If you want to re-do the turn, as the Atlas’ new facing may alter your movement, the option is yours. However, I would like to propose this as a remedy to the situation: Re-do the hit locations with the correct facing, keeping your awesome rolls, and still have the atlas fall over. What do you say?

    • Runeslinger says:

      I am all about the bad news~
      I clearly have too much going on and too little time to give this the attention it needs. Sorry for the error, muchacho!

      I will take the clip down for now, and put up a corrected version tomorrow.

      • Gillbertto Mussolini says:

        No problemo. That’s the risk we run with PBEM-style play – if we were face-to-face, I could have pointed it out. Of course, I’d also sneak a Long Tom onto the field, so there are benefits.

        • Runeslinger says:

          I see your Long Tom and raise you… The entire Grey Death Legion.

          Ok~ the corrected version, hereafter known as the resecene, is ready and posted. Apologies for the delay.

          To resolve the rest of Turn 7 we will need a declaration of fire for the Atlas~

  3. Gillbertto Mussolini says:

    The atlas’ fire declaration shall be one medium laser at the hermes.

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