Day 12: #RPGaDay 2018 – “Not Alternate”

Weekend 2: Wild Things             Prompt: Wildest Character Concept I went back and forth on the decision to use the official prompt of the day or not as the most suitable response for a ‘wild-est’ tag is a character I have talked about twice before during previous RPGaDay years. In the … Continue reading

Day 11: #RPGaDay 2018 – “Alternate”

Weekend 2: Wild Things       Actual Prompt: Wildest Character Name I follow fairly tame naming conventions for my characters with the amusing exception of a Star-faring hero by the name of Nova Ragelaser in a campaign where ridiculous names were required. I reused this name a few years ago, this time making him a … Continue reading


Day 10: #RPGaDay 2018 – “Changed”

Week 2: ‘How’ Questions Prompt: How has gaming changed you? We are getting a bit personal with the prompts as the week winds to a close, but that is okay in this week about making our games better, and having that pay off in more and more engaged players. Anything worth doing is worth doing … Continue reading

Day 9: #RPGaDay 2018 – “Surprise”

Week 2: How…? Prompt: How has a game surprised you? It has been a long time since a game has flat out surprised me by itself. Play is always full of surprises, but I don’t get too many eyebrow lifts from reading games anymore. Mostly reading games gets my curiosity buzzing and demanding satisfaction. As … Continue reading


Day 8: #RPGaDay 2018 – “More Players”

Week 2: ‘How’ Questions         Prompt: How can we get more people playing? If this event were a train, #RPGaDay 2018, could be said to have a real head of steam now. Things are in motion and for those walking along the tracks as it approaches, the idea of getting on board at … Continue reading

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