Corruption: the other white meat

Black wings over sunset

Do not, as some ungracious pastors do, Show me the steep and thorny way to heaven; Whiles, like a puff’d and reckless libertine, Himself the primrose path of dalliance treads, And recks not his own rede. -Hamlet Stirred, not shaken Temptation to the point of corruption is not something which I consider to be easy … Continue reading

Adjudication 2 ~ The Will

If you were running a game with a mechanic to represent Willpower or Resolve, and I am thinking specifically of Storyteller in this case, where the use of the trait allows the character to void GM fiat for a period of time (resist Frenzy, etc) how would you deal with a  situation like the following: … Continue reading

Saturday Seeds – 2 (World of Darkness)

WoD (any): The Embedded Journalist~ A good part of any World of Darkness game is in having the characters always a little worried about what else is out there in the darkness being more angsty, spooky, and manipulative than they themselves are. Over the years, I have found it helpful to incorporate a character I … Continue reading

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