Generation Games ~ pt. 1

This, like most of my ideas, is not new. Fortunately, the idea that there is nothing new under the sun and moon is quite relevant to the topic at hand – running what I think of as generation games or legacy games. For those who do not recognize what I mean by ‘generation game,’ this … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt 6

Why can’t we all just get along? Over the years, I have tried many ways to get groups of players, new to gaming or not, or new to each other or not, or some combination in between, to design the group of characters in the same way as they design their own characters. While I … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt 5

It is time to take a look at how the Trinity game I am running got where it has gotten, and why certain decisions were made to either prevent that result, or allow it to continue. To recap for a moment, the series itself was set from the beginning to be one of heroic action, … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt.4

In previous installments of this report, I have mentioned that I prepared short fiction to illustrate certain setting elements, such as the environment, characters or character types, social interactions, and mood. In this installment, I shall present some of those and look at how they were constructed and why they were constructed that way. In … Continue reading

Trinity: Planning and running the game~ pt.3

Before the story began, each player had played in a Trinity game before (set aboard the Horus, a prototype for the Leviathan jumpships which I had devised to use as an introduction for a much larger group to the setting), and had read through the color-section of the core rules, in addition to a set of short … Continue reading

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