Saturday Seed ~ 153 (Leagues of Adventure)

This seed is being planted for Leagues of Adventure, by Triple Ace Games (who have been having a great 30% off sale this week). If you are looking for some additional material to segue from one aspect of the Great Game Campaign to another, this seed might be of some small use. My Saturday Seeds also reappear … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 152 (RuneQuest)

The latest version of RuneQuest, now published by The Design Mechanism, has been a topic of much interest and enjoyment around here this year.  This seed is a little idea that might be a way to introduce one of the magical additions made to the game for this 6th Edition, mysticism. My Saturday Seeds also … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 151 (Menace from Beyond)

A new ubiquity game is in the last stages of development by Sechin Tower, one of the movers and shakers behind the scenes of Exile Games. Under his own company, Siege Tower Games, Tower will be releasing a 50’s Sci-Fi game next year with public play testing being guided via the game’s blog until then. … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 150 (The Morrow Project)

This week’s seed is for The Morrow Project  by Timeline Ltd.  As spring and cherry blossom fever grips the South Korean nation and CNN merrily goes about its business of selling fear about its northern neighbor, I feel a little post apocalyptic adventuring might be in order. My Saturday Seeds also reappear on Ancient Scroll … Continue reading

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