#RPGaDay Day 25: On Character 

Today’s Question:

What makes for a good character? 

There is a lot to say on this topic, for me at least. Character is the driving force in my enjoyment of roleplaying games.What goes into a good character is both simple and complex. Easy to relate and complex.

The long answer is in the video (not that long). Here let’s keep things as manageable in size as the other RPGaDay posts.

For me, a good character will have a personality and perspective different from my own, it will be a product – at least in part – of its environment, it will have motivating ties to the other characters and the environment, and it will have clear goals which are related to the inciting incident of the campaign’s launch point.


Tomorrow’s Question:

What are good hobbies to complement RPGs? 

Speak your piece~

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