#RPGaDay Day 26: Complementary Hobbies

Today’s #RPGaDay Question:

What hobbies go well with RPGs?

  • What other hobbies have beneficial effects in a roleplaying game group?

My written answer will be shockingly brief. For those with health conditions, please take the proper precautions to ensure the aforementioned shock is not too great.

I like to have a scheduled period of play run as smoothly and with as much focus as possible. Reaching that goal takes time, investment from all the players, appropriate circumstances and surroundings, and above all, friendship between the players.

Sometimes, friendship, in its expression as banter and cross table talk can interfere with a focused session as old memories and new problems take center stage in conversation briefly. This is good for the group and good for fun, but if everyone is there to game for a few short hours, it can also annoy varying members of the group from time to time. There is also the issue of punctuality. It is rare that everyone can show up on time every time. There are usually a few people who get there early and have to wait.

My complementary hobby suggestions are drawn from experiences like these, and for me, apart from group movie nights and things like paintball, and sparring, activities that I find allow for bonding and camaraderie, and can help reduce distractions when the game actually starts are quick and humorous card games, or a slow-paced creative hobby which can be picked up and set down whenever you want to.

A funny card game I got from TAG is Rocket Race. It has quick play times, sparks conversation, is interesting and challenging but doesn’t tax the players before game time, and has a long shelf life. Another is Tiny Epic Defenders which has options for 1 or more players and can extend into longer play if someone calls at the last minute unable to show up at all.

A creative activity my pre-Korea game group and I used to enjoy was painting our Battletech Miniatures. This hobby directly served out Mechwarrior campaigns, and gave us a lot of opportunities to just sit and talk as friends, while also enhancing the games to come.


Ok…so maybe it wasn’t that brief…

Tomorrow’s Question:

What is the most unusual circumstance or location in which you have gamed?

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