RPGaDay starts on Monday!

The wait is practically over, August is almost upon us. We will start out with a sort of warm-up question about dice on Day 1, then move into topics which touch on aspects of the hobby we haven’t seen as often in RPGaDay questions, but which have been revealed as important in the responses.

Some of the questions may be challenging, or may require more or different experience with gaming than you currently have. Don’t worry, alternate questions are available on BrigadeCon.org for those times when you get stuck with no answer for a question. I think I will have to dip into that well once or twice during the run of RPGaDay 2016, so don’t worry about it if you do. Some of the alternates just might be cooler than the main questions.

However you respond, be it by blog, by vlog, on YouTube, on Vimeo, on Facebook, G+ or whatever, just remember to use the hashtag #RPGaDay to help people find, enjoy, and share what you have posted.

If you would like to take a firmer hand over the fate of people viewing your responses to questions, don’t forget that there is a gallery set up for that on BrigadeCon.org which will start collecting submissions on August 1. Follow the link below, submit the urls of your RPGaDay posts, and we will be sure to share them.

Submit Your RPGaDay Posts and Videos

Keep in mind, the best way to get good and enjoyable responses seen is to share them with people that you know will like them, and with people that you know are curious about games and gaming. They don’t just have to take your word for how much fun gaming is, the internet will come alive in August with people who are sharing their own reasons for loving RPGs.

See you on Monday!


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