RPGaDay is On!

The wait is over, August is now upon us…well some of us at least, thanks to the International Date Line. However, in honor of Dave Chapman, the founder of RPGaDay, this blog will release its first response when August 1 hits the UK. On subsequent days we will release them at midnight, local time. 

Today is our warm-up question about dice and preferences, with an even more challenging choice coming  tomorrow.

If you are just learning about RPGaDay, you can find out all you need to know here on the Casting Shadows blog,  or better yet at BrigadeCon.org

Whether you are a regular blogger or vlogger on RPG topics, or just like to see what others have to say, we hope you find questions and responses you enjoy this year. In fact we hope you enjoy them enough to join in!

However you respond, be it by comment, Tweet,  by blog, by vlog, on YouTube, on Vimeo, on Facebook, G+ or whatever, just remember to use the hashtag #RPGaDay to help people find, enjoy, and share what you have posted.

For added bang to your hashtag buck, there is also a gallery set up for videos on BrigadeCon.org which will start sharing submissions on August 1. Follow the link below, submit the urls of your RPGaDay videos, and we’ll be happy to add them.

If you have a written blog, add that too.

Submit Your RPGaDay Posts and Videos

Ok, enough talk about RPGaDay. Let’s start sharing for RPGaDay!


3 Responses to “RPGaDay is On!”
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  1. […] Je ne présente plus le RPGaDay, je pense que tous les rôlistes connaissent, sinon, vous pouvez en découvrir l’existence et la naissance à ce lien. […]

  2. […] I was able to help out in the lead-up to BrigadeCon both ‘out front’ in mentions during RPGaDay, as well as in some video promotional material. I was also able to assist a bit ‘behind the […]

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