August is Coming~

Returning for its third year, Autocratik’s brilliant RPGaDay will begin on August 1, encouraging roleplaying gamers everywhere to share their love and stories about our hobby. This year, the host is…me. Backing me up will be the diverse and talented people who have chosen to be a part of the RPG Brigade…and YOU, of course. None of it is possible without you, and your amazing stories and memories~

I can’t wait to see what happens!

What is it?

RPGaDay is at its simplest, all of us sharing all the cool things about roleplaying games under the hashtag #RPGaDay. It runs through all of August, and there is a question provided for each day. Use it in your status updates, make a blog or vlog… whatever you like.

The RPGBrigade Channel will be posting recaps of the posts we find, and we will be collecting and sharing memories…everywhere. Share the ones you make and the coolest ones you find with us.

Getting involved is easy.

Wherever you talk about RPGs on social media, share the image below and when you answer the questions, use the hashtag #RPGaDay. One question a day through the month of August.

If you see an RPGaDay post you like, share it!

That’s it.





I look forward to seeing your posts in August!

5 Responses to “August is Coming~”
  1. Already considering what I’m going to be writing…

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