#RPGaDay 2015 Day 30: Favorite RPG-playing celebrity

The question for Day 30 asks about our favorite among the celebrities we are aware play RPGs. I am not that interested in the phenomenon of celebrity and pay attention to the doings of very few. This, I guess, is simply one of those questions which doesn’t have much relevance to me personally, but I feel does deserve some attention. I imagine we will see a lot of posts from people citing those celebrities who actively promote our hobby and have been among the vanguard of those changing the perception of those who choose it. When people do good work, and that work goes on to inspire and benefit others, we all win. I will look forward to reading those posts.

I am not moved to add my voice to that wave of responses, however. I seriously considered a ‘I have no answer’ response for this question, but I have done one of those already for this 2015 series, and do not wish to do another. So, upon reflection, I have found a gamer or former gamer whose work demonstrates traits I admire, whose history with RPGs is evident, and whose creations in turn feed joy and learning models back into the hobby. I have mentioned this individual a few times on this blog, and I think for this extremely short entry I will cite him, and then not explain further.


My favorite RPG-playing celebrity would have to be Joss Whedon.

I think you know why. If you do not, I think you can examine his actions and his work and figure it out. He is, after all, a celebrity. No stone of his life has been left unturned.

He may have stopped gaming, and that would be sad, but I tend to think ‘once a gamer, always a gamer.’

How about you?


2 Responses to “#RPGaDay 2015 Day 30: Favorite RPG-playing celebrity”
  1. othertim says:

    Apparently he quit playing after college but the rumor has it that Firefly was based off of a Traveller game (unsubstantiated).

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