Shadowscast – episode 3

This episode touches on four topics. We continue our look at Seoul as a setting, discuss gaming in public, review the excellent service from Noble Knight Games, and take a look at our initial impressions of the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. Volume 1, Episode 3 Related articles Shadowscast – episode 1 from Casting Shadows ( Shadowscast … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 88 (Palladium Fantasy)

This week’s seed is for Palladium’s rich fantasy setting and takes a stab at racial intolerance at the same time. The Seed One of the characters comes into possession of a magical blade which proves itself able to communmicate with its accepted owner emapthically. As the days pass, it soon becomes obvious that it also provides … Continue reading

All for One ~ Regime Diabolique Campaign Development Report 1

This post is intended both to help newcomers to All for One: Regime Diabolique get into the game more smoothly by looking at some of the more common questions about some important Skills and Talents, about the Magic system, and about Combat. The series will then lay out a sample campaign for the game via … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 87 (Shadowrun)

This week’s seed is for Shadowrun. It is incredibly small, but could roam anywhere between amusing and deadly dangerous depending on how you set it up, and the sort of character you use as the target.   The Seed A Sorcerer of some accomplishment has been devoting himself to obtaining a higher grade of Initiation, … Continue reading

Divvying up the Divinations

I don’t play too many games where predicting the future comes up all that often. Additionally, I don’t find my players actually take this sort of past information-gathering skill too often, usually being more in favour of interacting with Contacts and so on, but when they do, I like to shoot for portraying things as … Continue reading

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