About Serial Setting 1 – Ubiquity

For 1 year, between December 1, 2010 and November 30, 2011, I will be detailing a setting for a ‘pulp adventure’ setting suitable for Hollow Earth Expedition, Daring Tales, and the like, using the Ubiquity rules. The time period will be a loose ‘end of the 30’s’ for easier customization and use by other groups, but a general grounding in 1936 would not be out-of-place.

Posts will be made each Monday, and will consist of a brief description of a location, and the people regularly found there. Some places and their associated people will be covered in a single installment, like the private office of a small freight-forwarding company, while locations like the two-bit waterfront dives will take much longer.

Furious Action!

Wentworth could give Savage a thrashing any day of the week!

The goal of this endeavor is to provide an ongoing resource to spark ideas both for those who drop by to read it, and for myself. Creation will take place in several layers. The initial weeks will simply feature locations and the characters to be found there. As time passes, links, rumors, and plot hooks will begin to surface – not only in new characters and locales, but added to the old as well. Finally, an entire game-ready setting with numerous hooks for visiting and returning characters, and enough depth for adventures to be based there will be complete at the end of the year. As the setting grows, periodic collections, with extra information and juicier secrets, will be made available at Mythic Eras. Check there often for updates!

I am looking forward to this challenge, and I hope it comes to be of some use for those, like me, who have the time to do a little every day, but never enough all at once to cover all the bases of a really free-wheeling campaign of two-fisted, explosive action!

Look for the first installment today!

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