Die for Life

Technical Question: Do you think your GMs kill PCs when the dice tell them to do so? In some systems or genres, this issue comes up far more often than others, but it is not uncommon in RPGs for action or other forms of peril to place the players’ characters in the way of bodily … Continue reading

PBeM report 5: Long Winter Shadows – A Single Step

The scroll of this part of travelling wizard, Marlin Tyrell’s adventure in The Kobold Lair comes to an abrupt end here… Scene 4: The Decision Daddy Foulmouth swore and tore off his molten armour as fast as he could, as I dragged the smouldering Sonny to the great cistern on the southern wall of the mess … Continue reading

Saturday Seeds – 4 (Adventure!)

This week’s seed is for Adventure! The Seed: A mysterious philanthropist throws an expensive charity fundraiser and well-to-do members of your PC group receive intimations about it over a few sessions, and then are mailed invitations to it . Rumors state that unbelievable artifacts from a newly explored South Pacific island will be displayed. Less credible … Continue reading

PBeM report 4: Long Winter Shadows – A Single Step

The incredible adventure of Marlin Tyrell, wizard and adventurer, continues as he and his Dwarven allies press even deeper into The Kobold Lair… Scene 3: Of Caverns, Creatures, and Cooks We chose the door that led further south in the south-eastern corner, figuring that it would best lead us to the great cave entrance, and … Continue reading

PBeM report 3: Long Winter Shadows – A Single Step

The adventure continues as Marlin Tyrell, wizard and adventurer, presses onward into The Kobold Lair… Scene 2: The Guardroom The tunnels were rough-hewn stone passageways that were clearly created for Kobolds and other similarly sized wretches, forcing me to take the (always dangerous) “put the wizard in the middle of the party,” advancing manoeuvre – … Continue reading

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