#RPGaDay2019 Day 31: Last

This final #RPGaDay prompt, bringing us full circle to where we began, has layers of meaning beyond the surface which can, if we allow it, remind us that this is a hobby which creates and exists between the members of small groups of friends. Each group plays its games and develops its ways mainly in isolation – even in front of the eyes of stream viewers and recap readers. The rules are in our hands, the imaginations are in our heads, and the drive to explore the fiction we ourselves are creating is uniquely our own.

It is both robust and fragile at the same time, a butterfly caught up in the hurricane of entertainment options the beating of its own wings have stirred into being.

How then can it ‘last’?

I offer my thoughts on that question of surviving and dreams of thriving in this 2:30 video, but in even shorter form we don’t get there through divisiveness and competition.

We get there in recognition of our common bonds.

Speak your piece~

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