Saturday Seed ~ 148 (Prime Directive)

This week’s seed is for Prime Directive by Amarillo Design Bureau.  When I think of the game, I am thinking of its first edition, but fortunately for all of us, the property is strong and each of us can cheerfully use whichever version of the rules appeals. Yay us. My Saturday Seeds also reappear on … Continue reading

Saturday Seed 125 (Prime Directive)

With October upon us, and dreams of Halloween One-Shots in the air, the Seeds for this month will focus on horror, but we will try to make them our normal style of slightly unusual. This week’s seed is for Prime Directive and brings the crew into contact with the sins of their past. The seed … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 108 (Prime Directive / SFB)

This week’s seed is for Star Fleet Battles and Prime Directive, in whichever flavour you play it. I prefer the original flavour of the game system, personally. This is a set-up with equal parts role play and tactical play, but need not run in a linear fashion with the one leading into the other. As … Continue reading

The Shrieking Harridan called Technology

Ok, the title is a bit much, but today is a Tuesday that feels like a Monday preceded by a whole week of Wednesdays; please bear with me. I like Science Fiction, and I have greatly enjoyed playing in games of Shadowrun and Trinity, and as I have mentioned elsewhere, I look forward to someday … Continue reading

SFB meets Prime Directive

This idea has been on my prodigious back-burner for a very long time. The basic idea is to have the game be mostly roleplay using Prime Directive, where the consequences for political ham-handedness can be played out using Starfleet Battles. The scenario I have in mind is like the episode (Friday’s Child, season 2) where … Continue reading

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