Walking in Gumshoes ~ Casting and Creating Characters

It turns out we were more than perilously close to starting our campaign of Mutant City Blues by Pelgrane Press last week, it began within moments of my posting this article.  I really wasn’t expecting it to have started before the end of that week, so that was a great surprise. In sensible fashion, we began with the assignment … Continue reading

Walking in Gumshoes ~ Setting and Set-up

According to the GM, we are perilously close to starting our campaign of Mutant City Blues by Pelgrane Press. The GM has been encouraging a collaborative approach for laying the foundations of the setting, and so I think it is best to start this second entry on playing Mutant City Blues (MCB) with that before the … Continue reading

Walking in Gumshoes

As my Time of War PBeM enters its end phase, one of the players has graciously offered to run a campaign of Mutant City Blues by Pelgrane Press. I have been quite impressed by the elegance and quality of the releases for the various Gumshoe corebooks and product lines so this opportunity to explore the system in play is … Continue reading

Shadowscast – episode 2

This Shadowscast was shot on location in Seoul earlier this week. My recurring guest, Kyrei once again submits himself to some difficult questions to share some core ideas and hopefully spark some conversation or perhaps debate…. and yes, that is a Technoir hoodie with the ‘Cast’ icon on the back. Kyrei is holding out for … Continue reading

Hair of the Dog – Act V Scene 1 – Battle of Beasville – LJ

These entries comprise the official turn resolution posts for Act V Scene 1 of our PBeM-run A Time of War Mechwarrior RPG campaign entitled Hair of the Dog. This scene encapsulates the entire urban aspect of the Battle for the port city of Beasville on the planet Oliver – a Marik industrial world recently annexed … Continue reading

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