Mythic Britain Contest: Winner

The Mythic Britain contest ran from March 8th through April 5th, 2015. To enter, applicants were asked to create a character using the RuneQuest 6 rules either from the core book, or from the Essentials rules which give people a good look at the system for a very introductory price.  The prize offered in this contest was … Continue reading

Mythic Britain Contest: Last Call

Character descriptions have been flowing in to the Mythic Britain contest, in bursts of activity. While it would be fun to see what entries arrive over time, all things must come to an end. We have now reached the last weekend of the contest: The contest entry submission period closes on Sunday, April 5th at midnight, … Continue reading

Mythic Britain Contest going strong

Character descriptions are beginning to flow in to the Mythic Britain contest, bringing a lot of inspirational reading and viewing for yours truly. I am really looking forward to being able to share some of the awesome ideas people are submitting, once the contest closes~ Entry is simple: create a character using the RuneQuest 6 … Continue reading

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