Mythic Britain Contest: Winner

The Mythic Britain contest ran from March 8th through April 5th, 2015. To enter, applicants were asked to create a character using the RuneQuest 6 rules either from the core book, or from the Essentials rules which give people a good look at the system for a very introductory price.  The prize offered in this contest was a new copy of the hardcover campaign setting, Mythic Britain. To learn more about the prize, you can check the series reviewing the book here. The random drawing was held on Saturday, April 11th via Google Hangouts on Air. To watch the drawing as it happened on that day, please check the video below.

For those unable to watch the video, do not worry, the winner and their submission will be shared here.

The winner:

 Our winner is a member of the active Design Mechanism Forum going by the username ‘Antalon’ Congratulations on a well-deserved win!

The Submitted Character:

“Khalv Umbravei, aka ‘Snot’, a dispossessed citizen of the Kingdom of Esbana, recently freed from slavery and now visionary of the True Path of the Church of the Imperishable Rapture.

Appearance and personality: 

At twenty years of age Khalv looks older, in his forties perhaps, with greying hair mostly shaven.  But, most noticeable feature: his nose and ears have been cut off, leaving scarred stumps.  He is tall, lean and well-muscled.  But, his hard life have left him with a stoop and slight rolling gait when walking, and he has been hard used by cruel masters, making him susceptible to illness or pains. Many people don’t look at him, or look over him, and he has become sullen and gruff to the point of rudeness when he does speak to people.  Not helped by the nickname ‘snot’ given by fellow slaves and masters (think of his nose, poor health and the common cold).  However, he is surprisingly educated and with a flair for drawing and illumination, reflecting his young childhood. He has very few friends, and doesn’t easily make them given his deep mis-trust of people.  This is not helped by a newly lit fervent expression in his eye, driven by a holy revelation and miracle and a thirst for revenge and desire to see his family’s honour restored!

His sorry past:

Khalv’s early years were within an important religious caste; with his family playing key roles in the Church of Imperishable Rapture, which is the leading church on the kingdoms of Esbana, Vulkakora and Puritio.  His education was rich, and life promising.  However, when 13 years of age a rival in the church, the ‘Most Holy Redeemed’ Zaull, accused his family of heresy.  Church soldiers stormed the family manse, his parents murdered, and took Khalv.  Zaull disfigured him, and he was sold into slavery as a galley slave.  (His aunt was away at the time, and he has no idea what may have happened to his family.) He was used badly as a slave, his spirit nearly broken.  He had to be quick to grab food, to fight for his ‘rank’ amongst the galley slaves, rubbing shoulders with strangers from across the known world, and learn to read whether the master was feeling kind or cruel.  His only reprieve was Ghundulv the Factor, a trader from Sharnn in the Kingdom of Puritio: he showed a kindness that Khalv had near forgotten, and its seems just for the sake of kindness.  All of this suffering seemed to have no end, until recently that is.

Recent events and his current role:

Not a month ago Khalv received a holy revelation: the martyr Gregir of Ipsilna (and early figure on the Church) appeared in a blinding vision.  A staunch belief of the true meaning and purpose of the church filled his heart.  At that moment, his chains fell away, and the galley he rowed struck rocks, all hands but one lost! He washed up near a small village in the Kingdom of Puritio.  Although wracked by the torments of slavery, he has a new and clear purpose: the Church must be saved, converted to the New Way; he must restore his family’s name and must destroy Zaull (now Prefect Redeemer of the Church).  His body is broken, but he has learned to survive.  He must now seek allies, and has his own battles to learn to trust others.  But, he puts his faith in Gregir, and is prepared for much suffering yet.  He has set out to find Ghundulv the Factor, who showed kindness when there was nothing to gain, and who may help Khalv now that he is free!

Want to take a look at how this character is represented on paper? You can!

Khalv   <– Click here for the character sheet.


Surprise Update:

After reviewing the entries, The Design Mechanism stepped in to award an unannounced Honorable Mention prize!

Aaron Van Scyoc has been selected as the winner of a Mythic Britain pdf.

Congratulations, Aaron!

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