Ministry of Unusual Affairs [Recap 2]

The first assignment for our ‘Agents of the Ministry’ has concluded with success, but not without losses. These losses were not to life or limb – although that was a narrowly missed outcome – but rather to sanity, and a more innocent view of the Victorian world our characters are duty-bound to protect. Did you … Continue reading

Ministry of Unusual Affairs [Recap 1]

I have been fortunate to be a player in a Leagues of Gothic Horror campaign based on agents of the Ministry of Unusual Affairs. You read that right, I am getting to run a character, not be the GM! Rare enough a treat as that is, the opportunity is made sweeter by who I get … Continue reading

Supporting BrigadeCon

The Casting Shadows blog and YouTube Channel will be taking part as supporters of the inaugural BrigadeCon on November 15, 2014. This virtual con, taking place in Google+ Hangouts and featuring events hosted and attended by gamers all over the world, will run for 24 hours. Its purpose is to share a love for tabletop … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 187 (Leagues of Adventure)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for Leagues of Adventure, a great Ubiquity-powered game from the clever fellows at Triple Ace Games. The seed This seed involves stumbling from one peril into another, and is entangled with the strange people and places one meets in the unexplored reaches of the planet, while one is desperate … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 174 (Leagues of Adventure)

This Saturday continues the celebration of Ubiquity by planting a seed for the Victorian Steampulp game by Triple Ace, Leagues of Adventure. More exploration, discovery, invention, camaraderie and wonder than you might believe are packed neatly between the covers of this game. The seed A dear old friend and mentor seems to have finally gone … Continue reading

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