In Search of Cadmus

Moriarty Coat-of-Arms

Most nemeses are created, not born. Throughout most of my time gaming, recurring villains seemed to come from two main streams, the kind you don’t meet face to face until the end of the campaign when they have finally run out of minions, and the ones that were never intended to be recurring villains, but … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 49 (Palladium Fantasy)

This week’s seed is for Palladium Fantasy. It would work best with a very experienced group, but can be altered to play a role in the lives of less-established characters. The Seed Almost a century ago, during a foray into the Old Kingdom by a group of then famous knights-errant now only dimly remembered in … Continue reading

Palladium PBeM Report 10 – Long Winter Shadows ~ Promises

Promises The Second Story in the Tale of Marlin Tyrell, Wizard – known to himself as Marlin the Magnificent – begins here with this first installment of ‘Promises.’ The first story, ‘ A Single Step ‘ concluded with Marlin and Genrir booking passage on a vessel called the Winter Wind to speed the young wizard on his journey to the … Continue reading

PBeM report 9 – Long Winter Shadows ~ A Single Step

Please enjoy this ninth and final instalment of A Single Step, the first in a series of stories called Long Winter Shadows, detailing the early years of the wizard, Marlin Tyrell, and his quest to regain his lost birthright. This last instalment is entitled: Luna Beach~ While you have often been drifting along, supported by … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ Halloween

This special Holiday Edition Saturday Seed is for Palladium Fantasy. I think horror games get over-used as one-shots or get abused with added gore during this special time of year, and I prefer to think of things to do with other games for Halloween gaming. This entry will be written with a small group of … Continue reading

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