The Gathering ~ Week 2

We have completed the second week of preparation for our pending global Immortals campaign inspired by Highlander and using the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. Guidelines for players, both with and without experience with the system, have been made available to the group of potential players and discussion about the nature of our Immortals in the system … Continue reading

Gather for the Gathering

In a month’s time, I would like to run an unusual campaign involving different media and players from all over the world. Players would have several characters: one for the main events of the campaign, and the others as witnesses and associates caught up in an investigation of those events. Game events for the main … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 197 (All for One)

This is a slightly sexy seed for All for One: Regime Diabolique’s take on a darkly supernatural 1630s France. The seed This seed takes a stab at a darker reflection on the oldest profession and its ages old association with soldiery and other brave, but lonely people who put their lives on the line for … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 192 (All for One)

This is a seed for the supernatural, swashbuckling, musketeers RPG from Triple Ace Games, All for One: Regime Diabolique. The seed This seed is all about old problems coming home to roost. Planting the seed This seed can be planted at any national event or festival, when the city population expands with visitors, delegates, merchants and … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 173 (All for One)

This Saturday continues my celebration of U-day (no, not Mal’s U-day) by planting a seed for the fantastic swashbuckling horror game by Triple Ace, All for One – Regime Diabolique. If you want to see ‘fast and furious’ combined with intrigue, banter, the rise and fall of fortune, the smell of gunpowder and blade oil, … Continue reading

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