Gather for the Gathering

In a month’s time, I would like to run an unusual campaign involving different media and players from all over the world.

Players would have several characters: one for the main events of the campaign, and the others as witnesses and associates caught up in an investigation of those events.

Game events for the main characters will occur in private Facebook groups. This will be primarily play-by-post.

The secondary characters, the witnesses and associates being investigated, will be handled as recordings of police interrogations and presented as short YouTube videos in a shared playlist. These will follow events of interest in the main play-by-post campaign.

Sound interesting?

This project is intended to provide fun, a hint of mystery, a touch of magic, a chance to delve into a character from inside and out, and to serve as a bit of an homage to an absent friend. This kind of large-scale endeavor was something we would talk about late into the night, again and again.

What is the idea?

The pitch itself is that, ‘from the dawn of time you came, and no one has known you were among us…until now.’

The game will be run using the Ubiquity Roleplaying System. Those interested in playing can contact me by leaving a comment on this post or on Facebook. In the month ahead we will create characters, clarify questions, and prepare for the Gathering~


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3 Responses to “Gather for the Gathering”
  1. Tyler Hudak says:

    If you are still looking for players, I would be VERY interested!

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