Saturday Seed ~ 190 (Star Wars)

This is a seed for whatever version of a Star Wars roleplaying game you might play, with a strong bias toward those who hold little to no sympathy for the Galactic Empire. The seed This seed focuses on criminal interplay in the shadows of the Outer Rim. While not necessarily requiring the characters to be … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 189 (Call of Cthulhu)

This is a seed for Call of Cthulhu from Chaosium, now ostensibly in the final stretch of preparation before the eventual release of the game’s 7th and most greatly changed edition. The seed This seed focuses on cult activity and is suitable for both established and new groups. This can be planted for a slow … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 188 (Shadowrun)

This is a seed for Shadowrun of any particular edition. Depending on the runners’ relationships with their contacts and neighbors, it threatens to put them at varying degrees of disadvantage. The core of the seed is to have the runners wondering why them, and why now, while the answer may never, ever come to light. … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 187 (Leagues of Adventure)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for Leagues of Adventure, a great Ubiquity-powered game from the clever fellows at Triple Ace Games. The seed This seed involves stumbling from one peril into another, and is entangled with the strange people and places one meets in the unexplored reaches of the planet, while one is desperate … Continue reading

Saturday Seed ~ 186 (Blue Planet)

This Saturday Seed presents an idea for the rough and tumble SF frontier of Blue Planet’s Poseidon. The seed This seed is based around the concept of the sort of continuous reinvention needed to survive in a new, and constantly changing environment. Poseidon sets the example of ‘adapt or die,’ but does everyone see it? … Continue reading

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