#RPGaDay2022 – Day 30: What 5?

Our last ‘what‘ question for the event is ‘What should we do for our 10th anniversary?’ and as a sort of 4th wall breaking prompt it stands out. As one of the hosts of #RPGaDay2022, this is a question to which I would much rather receive responses than be a part of the sharing, but let’s start with some smaller ideas.

In the launch video for this year’s event, David and I referred to one of our goals for next year, which was a combination of question prompt and single-word prompt. We have touched on this in the past but setting up the whole month for this approach will require thought and effort befitting an anniversary. We want to put this in place because it is one of the major divides in participants. It’s like Coke and Pepsi. Both are colas, and a significant portion have no strong opinions about either, but a not-insignificant portion of the participants definitely do. Can we cross the streams?

We think so~

It both does and does not seem like 10 years.

Through the development of this event from its inception until now, there have been various themes in use, as well as conscious use and reuse of certain question types and specific questions within a broader context of specifically developed focuses and themes on the topic of RPGs and our appreciation of them. My goal for an anniversary will be to capitalize on what gives the event its value, while maintaining the tradition of change and innovation from year to year.

Ultimately, I am hoping that following the hashtag to as many posts as we can find will give us the inspiration we need to achieve something both fun and fitting for the 10th anniversary of #RPGaDay.

Speak your piece~

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