#RPGaDay2022 – Day 29: Who 5?

Who do you wish, like a burning ember of unquenchable fire in your very soul, would participate in RPGaDay? #RPGaDay2022 feels your unrequited pain at this separation and hopes that by simply expressing this secret desire into the cosmos, your wish will be granted.

Yes, my metaphor vendor had a flash sale on hyperbole, and I mortgaged the family farm to go all in on that treasure trove of textual treasure.

Do you think that Where, Why, and How will feel left out?

It has been said, and said again, that if wishes were horses, we all could ride. Wishes, for all of their internal power and importance, do not shape the external world unless they first shape us to go forth and bring change forth from the very fabric of the universe which both binds and works to define us. So, if in your most secret sanctum of hope you hold on to a dream of a certain someone sharing their responses to the RPGaDay prompts for this year or one to come, you need not worry about those wishes compelling the target of your wish to comply to it. They retain their agency and are free to folic and cavort in the wilderness unaware of the location and beauty of the land of milk and honey (ie: RPGaDay).

My wish, formed in the past few years, is for one specific member of my active online group of gamers, to develop (all on his own with no interference, pressure, or compulsion from me) an all-consuming desire to dive headlong into RPGaDay participation like a puppy into a food bowl.

Like Depeche Mode, this pup just can’t get enough.

So, who is the target of this wish, you wonder?

It is Craig Shipman, the media baron behind Third Floor Wars.

I want this for his own benefit. It’s for his health, and for his happiness. If he were a bird, then RPGaDay would be the wind beneath his wings, the song in his heart, and an endless sky free from worry.

Of course, there is no pressure. Never pressure. It’s just something that I would like to see.


If this is a good and just universe.

No rush.

I can wait.


Speak your piece~

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